Campus Life

Campus Life

A question in every student’s mind is, what will campus life will be like at Emmaus? 这是你大学生活的核心——你住在哪里, study, work, 和其他黄金城官网徒学生一起事奉神. Find out about all the aspects of daily life at EBC – from housing options to meal plans to finding the right place to study or socialize with your friends.

无论你是本科生还是成人学习者, 你会发现你的时间在我们的校园真正的变革. 我们鼓励你充分利用它! 报名参加我们的ncaa运动队或校内运动队. 参加学生组织或俱乐部. The more invested you are in campus life, the more prepared you will be to answer your calling.

Clubs & Organizations

在以马忤斯,我们相信,学习发生在课堂之外,以及在. Therefore, 以马忤斯邀请你去探索和分享你的才能, skills, and, 以马忤斯社区的兴趣. 参与是你能做的发展新友谊的最好的事情, 建立新的体验, 充分利用你的教育经历. 以下是我们学生参与的一些方式.

  • 学生传教团契
    学生传教团契 (SMF) is a campus organization which exists to promote awareness of, prayer for and interest in missionary activities in the Unites States and around the world through guest speakers, prayer groups, 特别项目和社区外展.
  • Student Chaplains
    The Emmaus Student Chaplains seek to cultivate an environment in which faculty, staff, and students develop a love for Jesus Christ through opportunities to engage in the spiritual disciplines of the Christian Life. 该组织每学期帮助组织2个焦点教堂, plan worship and prayer nights and seek to care for those on campus through pastoral care.
  • 校园社区团体负责人
    Campus Community Groups (CCGs) seek to create an atmosphere for spiritual growth through accountability, prayer, 开放的讨论和充满爱的社区. CCGs are led by fellow students who are mentored by faculty/staff members and under the direction of the Director of Campus Life.
  • 居民助理
    Student leaders are selected by application and interview to serve and support their fellow students by providing encouragement and guidance in their college experience.
  • Student Union
    The Emmaus Student Union exists to promote community and unity amongst the student body. They do this by programming events throughout the school year that foster students' growth in their friendships and strengthens their connection within the campus community.
  • 学生礼拜堂讲者
    Every Friday, upper classmen have the opportunity to prepare and deliver a message for the student body. 这些学生演讲者在圣经教员的指导下工作. 他们互相批评, 提供建设性的反馈, 并评估在查普尔传递的信息. 在过去的一年里,学生们从提摩太后书和《黄金城官网入口》选段中发言.
  • 教堂赞美小组
    Students are encouraged to participate in Chapel music by joining a praise team. These teams are student led and operated and usually consist of 3-4 musicians and vocalists. There is a wide variety of instrumental talent, from piano and guitar to drums and violin. The Chapel praise teams exist to encourage the student body through worship in song.
  • Emmaus Choirs
    There are several different opportunities for students of varying skill levels to join a choir or singing group at Emmaus. You can learn more about these groups and even purchase CDs from our Emmaus Ensemble by 访问音乐系页面.
  • Yearbook Team
    The yearbook program is a scholastic journalism program whose goal is to create a print monument to what God has done at Emmaus Bible College each school year.
  • 学术部门委员会
    在他们的专业范围内, students serve on committees and clubs to assist in planning and organizing department events, 为系里的教员提供见解, 为了共同的友谊.
Campus Events

大学的经历以深厚的友谊和新的体验而闻名. 这在以马忤斯当然是真实的. 整个学年, student government works in partnership with other organizations to provide a robust campus life through hosting a variety of events on campus. 以下是其中的一些事件:

Labor Day Weekend

劳工节周末是一学年的第一件事! Students, 教职员工聚在一起烧烤, volleyball games, a giant slip n' slide and other great activities to help celebrate the first three day weekend of the year.


这不是一般的排球锦标赛. Each floor comes up with its own costume theme idea and has its members dress up accordingly! 除了排球比赛的胜利场地, there are also various prizes given out for categories based off of the floor costumes.

Fall Festival

Each year, 庆祝秋天的到来, 我们在体育馆举办一个节日, 这个活动通常与父母的周末一致. 完成游戏, inflatable obstacle courses and activities as well as apple cider and other treats, 这是开始秋天的好方法.

Christmas Banquet

Christmas Banquet is a time to gather as a school and celebrate the Christmas season, 我们的主耶稣的诞生. A committee plans an elegant dinner and program including music and a Christmas devotion. After dinner, 按照传统,学生们会去教师家里参加一个有游戏的余兴派对, snacks, and gifts.


Winterfest is a weekend long event, planned and organized by student government. 整个学生被分成不同的小组, 每个人都参加各种各样的活动, 游戏及比赛. Winterfest is a great time to take a break from schoolwork and the long winter months.

Spring Banquet

在年底, the school holds a formal banquet at a nearby event center right on the Mississippi. 这是一个回顾过去一年并向我们即将毕业的毕业生致敬的时刻. 晚餐和节目之后, there is always some sort of after banquet event or activity to celebrate the end of the school year!


每学年结束的时候, Student Government plans a whole school event after classes and finals have ended. Past events have included a day trip to Chicago (this included exploring downtown, 谢德水族馆, Soldier Field, the Museum of Science and Technology and more) and a weekend retreat at Lake Geneva Youth Camp in Lake Geneva, WI (swimming, boating, tubing, etc.) This is always a great time to celebrate the end of the school year and have fun with friends without having to worry about homework, 学习或期末考试!


Emmaus Bible College Athletics seeks to develop a community of Christians that come together to play a sport with the main goal of representing Jesus Christ with our actions, words, and work ethic. 我们提供校内和有竞争力的校际课程.

  • 校际体育

    以马忤斯圣经学院有四支运动队,他们在全美体育竞赛中竞争 中西部黄金城官网教学院会议 (MCCC) and the 全国黄金城官网教大学体育协会 (NCCAA DII). 在秋季学期有 Men's Soccer and 女子排球, and beginning in the fall semester and continuing on into the Spring, there is Men's Basketball and 女子篮球. 以马忤斯鹰队以其对道德竞争的承诺而闻名, diligent studies, 并在其他团队中促进社区. 在以马忤斯,我们的愿望是在球场内外都荣耀黄金城官网.

  • Intramural Sports

    We understand that having an outlet after long hours of studying is important. 我们的校内体育项目就是为了做到这一点而设计的. Over ninety percent of Emmaus students foster community by participating in intramural sports teams. These teams compete on drafted teams and various hall floors of the same gender in sports such as volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, soccer, 还有极限飞盘, 仅举几个例子.

Find schedules, 联系信息, sports rosters, 其他信息请访问我们的官方体育网站:!