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Be prepared to work in the technology sector with a degree in computer science or computer information systems.

Programs | Computer Studies


Even in the area of technology, the 圣经 remains central at Emmaus. For example, the ethics taught in our computer security courses have their foundation in the truths of scripture. Our courses and tracks are relevant to today's technology needs and are constantly being improved and refined to keep up with the dynamic world of computer technology. Furthermore, most courses have less than 10 students which enables the instructor to tailor each class to the students' needs including one-on-one coaching.

Emmaus professor, Stephen Eliot, teaching a computer studies course
The Computer Studies program purposes to equip students to determine, analyze, and implement the information technology needs of a company or ministry, and to prepare them to take full advantage of technology in their own 圣经 study and Christian service for the Lord.
Your Future

The Computer Studies program can prepare you for a variety of jobs in the technology sector, including:

  • Software Design, Development, Engineering, Testing
  • Web Design, Development, Engineering, Testing
  • Database Design, Development, Engineering, Testing, Management
  • Network Design, Development, Engineering, Testing, Administration
  • Systems Administrator, Engineer
  • Network Security Administration
  • Information Security Officer
  • IT Specialist
  • Computer Scientist
a computer lab work desk at Emmaus 圣经 College


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