Minor in Digital Marketing

Business & Technology Department


The Minor in Digital Marketing is a program designed to provide graduates with the key skills most needed by marketing coordinators and managers. Offered in partnership with the LCMC/Rize Consortium, the program is intended to produce “growth hackers.” The minor in Digital Marketing may be completed as part of any bachelor degree offering at Emmaus.

Program Type
Total Credits
Program Director
Dr. Kim Parcher
Program Learning Outcomes

The student will demonstrate:

  1. The ability to understand and articulate the role of various web-based marketing channels within the context of the larger marketing mix.
  2. The ability to evaluate marketing opportunities.
  3. The ability to design and implement a marketing campaign and analyze its success or failure.
  4. Advanced skill in the composition of compelling B2B and B2C marketing copy as deployed through a variety of channels.
  5. Elementary skill in the creation of visual content for social media and other web-based marketing channels.
  6. The ability to design and implement effective marketing content.
  7. The ability to contextualize any individual marketing campaign within a company’s broader marketing strategy, and evaluate the success or failure of that strategy.
  8. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills within the domain of marketing.
  9. The ability to express marketing solutions clearly to a larger team using effective written and oral communication.
  10. Understanding of what drives human interaction with content
Program Requirements

All courses in the minor, with the exception of MKT 121, are offered fully online through the LCMC/Rize Consortium:

  • Principles of Global Marketing (MKT 121)
  • Social Media Marketing (MKT 201)
  • Email Marketing (MKT 301)
  • SEO/SEM (MKT 311)
  • Digital Marketing Analytics (MKT 321)
  • Viral and Organic Growth (MKT 401)