Minor in English

Arts & Sciences Department


The minor in English is a program of study designed to prepare students to engage critically with the diverse worlds of literature and write with wisdom and eloquence in a variety of genres. Coursework for the minor can be used to fulfill elective requirements in a major area of study.

Program Type
Total Credits
Program Director
Christopher Rush
Program Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Actively engage with a variety of literature through multiple analytical forms, both verbal and written, primarily from a Biblical worldview.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of authors, movements, literary forms, and cultural contexts in English literature.
  3. Identify and articulate the influence of worldview on the course of literary movements, culture, and individual lives, and its relevance to the dynamic history of literary analysis and the written word.
Program Requirements
  • Introduction to Literature (ENG 102)
  • Non-fiction Writing (ENG 310)
  • English Grammar (ENG 320)
  • Early British Literature (ENG 322) or American Literature (ENG 222)
  • ENG Electives: (6 credits)
    • Children’s Literature (ENG/ED 203)
    • Creative Writing (ENG 210)
    • Science Fiction through the Lens of Theology (ENG 215)
    • Adolescent Literature (ENG/ED 216)
    • Christian Classics (ENG 220)
    • Author Focus (ENG 225)