Minor in Pastoral Ministry

Bible & Ministry Department


The minor in Pastoral Ministry is a program of study designed to prepare students for effective ministry in the local church. Coursework for the minor can be used to fulfill elective requirements in a major area of study.

Program Type
Total Credits
23 - 24
Program Director
Dr. Mark Stevenson
Program Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to articulate the essence, nature, purpose, and program of the local church.
  2. Demonstrate basic ministry skills.
  3. Understand the principles and dynamics that contribute to effective congregational leadership.
  4. Evidence knowledge of basic principles of biblical counseling.
  5. Demonstrate skill in teaching the Bible.
Program Requirements
  • Church Leadership and Practice (BT 450)
  • Counseling Foundations (COU 121)
  • Introduction to Youth Ministry (EM 260) or Children’s Ministry (EM 215)
  • Teaching Bible (EM 321)
  • Homiletics 1 (BT 322) or Small Group Ministry (EM 320)
  • Church Planting and Growth (ICS 310) or Women’s Ministry (EM 225)
  • Music in the Church (MUS 250)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 111)

23/24 credit hours