New Student Arrival

Fall Semester Arrival
Plan to arrive at Emmaus on Wednesday, August 23 between 9:00am and 2:00pm. The college will be open at 9:00am on August 23 but not before. This arrival time is for all students (on-campus and off-campus). At that time, you will meet with our Student Accounts Office to pay your bill (if you haven’t already), receive your Student ID card, receive your mailbox assignment, register your vehicle for parking, and receive the key to your room and move into your dorm room.

Residence Halls are not available prior August 23. International students are permitted to arrive earlier (as needed), and should contact the Admissions Office to make arrangements for any arrival prior to August 23.

Payment Arrangements
Payment for the Fall 2023 semester is due on the day you arrive on campus which for most students is August 23. Athletes participating in a Fall sport will arrive earlier and their payment is due on the date that they arrive. Payments and payment arrangement (payment plans) can be made prior to arrival by contacting the Student Accounts Office at or 563-588-8000 x2210. Those students who take care of payment prior to arriving on campus will significantly reduce their waiting time on arrival day.

College Orientation
Orientation will take place starting Wednesday evening, August 23 and will continue through Sunday, August 27. Classes start on Monday, August 28. Please note that Orientation activities will keep you busy through all of those days and you need to make yourself available for all of those activities. If you live locally or find a job as soon as you arrive, please do not plan to work from August 23 through August 27.

Student Arrival Questions
If you have questions about Student Arrival please contact your Admissions Counselor directly or contact or 563-588-8000 x1320.