Emmaus校区位于迪比克的西侧, 在24英亩平缓起伏的土地上. 主楼包括教室,大理石教堂,大卫A. 格洛克礼堂, 行政和教职员办公室, 宿舍, 餐厅, 图书馆, 学生中心, 咖啡豆和更多. 史密斯大厅有一个最先进的计算机中心, 额外的宿舍, 业务办公室, 以及维护设施. 波拉德运动场, 附属于史密斯大楼, 提供两个体育馆, 健身房, 学生中心, 和场边咖啡馆.

户外娱乐设施包括宽敞的垒球场地, 足球, 足球, 以及各种冬季运动. The gymnasiums offer 设施 for basketball, volleyball, and other 活动. The campus borders a public golf course that provides additional recreational opportunities. Ice-skating, down-hill skiing, and cross-country skiing are also available in the community.


One of the best parts of college is the experiences you'll have while living on the dorms, 在以马忤斯也不例外! 

我们几乎所有的宿舍都是单人房, 除了史密斯大厅的两到四人套房.  每个单人房间都配有一张床, 桌子上, 办公椅, 梳妆台, 水槽, 和药柜, 以及壁橱和壁橱上方的储物空间(点击这里查看我们单人间的尺寸).  In Smith Hall, suites are equipped with beds, 梳妆台s, 桌子上s, 办公椅s, and closets. 史密斯大厅套房有空调, 每个宿舍/套房都有自己的暖气和窗户.

Each hall has a common restroom facility including individual showers, toilets, and 水槽s. 除此之外, 我们有一个设备齐全的, 供居民使用的非投币式洗衣设施. 

  • 圣经
  • 每季服装(见着装要求)
  • 枕头及床上用品(双张特大号床单)
  • 洗漱用品(洗发水、肥皂、牙膏等)
  • 毛巾
  • 3M条用于挂在墙上的物品
  • 标准以太网电缆(10 '到14 ')
  • 电源板/电涌保护器
  • 洗衣粉
  • 洗衣篮或洗衣袋
  • 壁橱用衣架
  • 学校用品
  • 淋浴童和人字拖
  • 区域地毯(除史密斯厅外所有房间)
  • 微波
  • 小冰箱
  • 电脑
  • 阁楼床 (按此浏览要求)
  • 咖啡机
  • 增湿器
  • 衣柜鞋柜
  • 粉丝
  • 自行车
  • 窗帘及窗帘杆
  • 干擦板
  • 36英寸以上的电视
  • 热板
  • 蜡烛
  • 烤面包机
  • 宠物(鱼除外)
  • 不合适的阁楼床
  • 延长线
  • 空调
  • 电加热器
  • Weapons (including knives, CO2 guns, airsoft guns, bb guns, paintball guns, 等.)

以马忤斯圣经学院是一所历史悠久的住宿学院. As such, Emmaus desires to help form and educate the student both in and out of the classroom. 虽然很多学习都是在课堂上进行的, it is the desire of the College for each of its students to learn personal accountability, 建立终身的关系, 并了解社区内的正确生活标准. We believe that students living and learning together offers the best atmosphere and incubator of learning. 因此, Emmaus requires all full-time (12 credits for more) students to live in the residence halls. 本政策的例外情况包括:

  • 已婚学生
  • 与父母、祖父母或法定监护人同住的学生.
  • 本学期开始前年满24周岁的学生
  • Students who are entering their 5th year in the Emmaus residence halls but are not yet 24 may apply for an exemption to the housing policy.

The College reserves the right to remove a student from college housing or relocate a student within college housing for unforeseen emergencies or due to behavioral concerns. 使用其他学院拥有的设施也可能受到限制. Examples of behavior that could result in such removal or restrictions would be disruptive, 粗鲁的, 或威胁行为或破坏社区/学院财产, 以及其他违反《黄金城官网入口》的行为. 学生的家长可能会被告知学生的状况.

只有注册的学生才可以住在学生宿舍. Additionally, students enrolled but not attending classes may be asked to vacate the residence halls.


Robbie Pile餐厅

早餐, 午餐和晚餐都在Robbie Pile餐厅, 我们的主要餐饮设施. 黄金城官网的核心, 餐厅是举行一对一会议的好地方, 或者只是时间出去逛逛, 放松一下,和朋友一起吃饭.

The dining hall features an all you can eat buffet; including entrees that vary daily, 供应充足的沙拉吧, 还有其他健康的选择.

除了, 餐厅全年举办特别活动和主题晚宴, 创造有趣的时光,并为以马忤斯体验增添个人色彩.


老鹰鸟巢, 位于Pollard Fieldhouse, offers a simple menu built on fresh ingredients and is committed to consistent and efficient service. 停止购买新鲜的沙拉, hand-pressed burger or chicken sandwich and a glass of sweet tea or hand squeezed lemonade! There’s also milkshakes and a soft-serve ice cream machine for those craving something sweet.

The Eagle’s Nest is a great place to come hang out with friends during the Emmaus Eagles games, 也是一个看电视或做作业放松的地方.


咖啡豆是我们的咖啡店, 位于主楼内, 就在图书馆和学生中心之间. 上课前顺便过来喝杯咖啡, 或者在下午或晚上过来玩, 为小组项目学习或与朋友见面. 咖啡豆提供许多不同种类的咖啡, 浓缩咖啡和咖啡/浓缩饮料以及冰沙, 茶, 热巧克力, 等. 您可以在这里订购一张咖啡豆的礼品卡.


在以马忤斯, we purpose to provide our students with the resources they need to get the most out of their education. Take a look at the page below to see what sort of things you can take advantage of as a student at Emmaus.


我们广泛的以马忤斯图书馆包括大约120,000 books and bound periodicals as well as a number of electronic article databases. We also have an extensive children’s literature collection housed within the 图书馆 to support the Elementary Education program.

A group of computer workstations available for student use is housed in the 图书馆. The Emmaus 图书馆 is part of the OCLC Library Consortium providing students with access to resources at over 35,000个其他图书馆. 我们的图书馆是做研究、阅读或学习的完美环境! Just use our online catalog or ask our librarians; they are eager to help you find the information you need. (图书馆馆长甚至可能让你进入他办公室里藏着的巧克力!)

除了我们自己的图书馆, Emmaus的学生可以在五个地区图书馆获得学习资源. 学生可以查看洛拉斯学院的资料, 迪比克大学, 瓦特堡神学院, 卡内基-斯托特公共图书馆, 以及迪比克县图书馆.


我们校园里有两个电脑工作站. 计算机教室位于史密斯楼,配备了个人电脑, 都运行Windows 10系统,可供学生使用. 图书馆里有供学生使用的额外电脑. 校园内都可以上网.


我们鼓励在学习上需要帮助的学生向 学术成功中心(ASC). ASC provides peer-tutoring services in writing, math, science, and other topics as needed. 所有辅导都是免费的.


Emmaus 圣经 College seeks to ensure that qualified individuals with disabilities receive equal access to all college services, 活动, 设施, 和特权. Reasonable academic accommodations will be made on an individual basis by application. 了解更多黄金城官网入口以马忤斯的残疾服务.

校园安全 & 安全

以马忤斯圣经学院致力于创造一个有吸引力的, safe campus environment conducive to learning and spiritual and personal growth. 营业时间, our front entrance is manned by a receptionist and the remainder of facility entrances are only accessible by keycard access; in addition to this, men and women occupy separate dormitory floors that can only be accessed by the student entering his or her specific ID number. There are two Resident Assistants on duty every evening in case of an emergency, 还有一名守夜人每晚巡逻.

In compliance with the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus 安全 Policy and Campus Crime Statistics, Emmaus 圣经 College publishes an annual security report for current and prospective students and employees. 这份报告包含重要的安全信息, 还有前三年的火灾和犯罪数据. These statistics pertain to reported crimes that have occurred on campus and on public property within, 或者紧挨着校园并且可以从校园进入. Copies of this report may be requested electronically from the Office of 学生生活 at ichavez@richardmbennett.net. Printed copies of this report are available in the Office of 校园安全 and 安全 and Office of 学生生活.

In areas of security please report all violations promptly to the Dean for 学生生活 (Israel Chavez: ichavez@richardmbennett.net),或设施管理署署长(茅俊杰: jmau@richardmbennett.net).


  • 咨询服务
  • 预防罪案/消防安全教育
  • 心肺复苏/急救培训
  • 医疗服务
  • 每天晚上值夜巡逻
  • 紧急应变管理




这些报告表仅供非紧急情况报告使用. 如果有人有危险,请立即拨打911.

为性行为不端提供紧急保密支持, 基于性别的暴力, 或者其他事件, 请拨打24小时安全热线36-278-3333.

Reports submitted through the links below are private and addressed by either the 第九条 Coordinator or the 学生生活 Office. If you’d like to consult with someone about reporting a student-related concern, 请与学生生活办公室联系.

根据报告的类型, you may be contacted for additional information (if you provide your name or contact information). 不过匿名举报是允许的, 这样做可能会限制学院调查和/或回应的能力.


共同关心另一个学生的幸福(学业), 社会, 金融, 家庭, 心理健康, 等.), 请填写这张表格.


To share information regarding student behavior that may violate the Student's Handbook, 请填写这张表格. The 学生生活 Office is responsible for the initial review of these reports. 欲了解更多信息,请联系学生生活部门的成员.