Student Services

Student Services

The Emmaus campus is located on the west side of Dubuque, IA on twenty-four acres of gently rolling land. The main building includes classrooms, the Marble Chapel, the David A. Glock Auditorium, administrative and faculty offices, dormitories, the dining hall, library, student center, The Coffee Bean and more. Smith Hall contains a state-of the-art computer center, additional dormitories, business offices, and maintenance facilities. The Pollard Fieldhouse, attached to Smith Hall, offers two gymnasiums, a weight room, student center, and the Courtside Cafe.

Outdoor recreational facilities include spacious grounds for softball, football, soccer, and various winter sports. 体育馆提供篮球、排球和其他活动的设施. 校园毗邻一个公共高尔夫球场,提供了额外的娱乐机会. 社区里也有滑冰、下坡滑雪和越野滑雪.

Emmaus students in the campus dining hall

大学最好的部分之一就是住在宿舍里的经历, and that's no exception here at Emmaus! 

Nearly all of our dormitories are single rooms, with the exception of two- to four-person suites available in Smith Hall.  Each single room is outfitted with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, sink, and medicine cabinet, as well as a closet and room for storage above the closet (click here for the dimensions of our single rooms).  在史密斯大厅,套房配备了床,梳妆台,桌子,桌椅,和壁橱. Smith Hall suites are air conditioned, as well as each dorm room/suite has its own heating register and window.

每个大厅都有公共厕所设施,包括单独的淋浴,厕所和水槽. In addition to this, we have a fully-equipped, non coin operated laundry facility that is available for resident use. 

What to Bring
  • Bible
  • Clothes for every season (see dress code)
  • Pillow and bedding (twin XL sheets)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc)
  • Towels
  • 3M strips to hang items on the wall
  • Standard Ethernet cable (10’ to 14’)
  • Power strips/surge protectors
  • Laundry detergent
  • Laundry basket or bag
  • Hangers for closet
  • School supplies
  • Shower caddy and flip flops
What You May Want
  • Lamp
  • Area rug (all rooms but Smith Hall)
  • Microwave
  • Small refrigerator
  • Computer
  • Loft bed (click here for requirements)
  • Coffee maker
  • Humidifier
  • Closet shoe organizer
  • Fan
  • Bicycle
  • Curtains and curtain rod
  • Dry erase board
What Not to Bring
  • TVs larger than 36 inches
  • Hot plates
  • Candles
  • Toasters
  • Incense
  • Pets (besides fish)
  • An inadequate loft bed
  • Extension cords
  • Air conditioner
  • Electric heater
  • 武器(包括刀具、二氧化碳枪、气枪、bb枪、彩弹枪等.)
Resident Dorm Policy

Emmaus Bible College is by design a historic residential college. 因此,以马忤斯渴望在课堂内外帮助塑造和教育学生. While much learning happens within the classroom experience, 学院希望每个学生都能学会个人责任, develop lifelong relationships, and understand proper standards of living within a community. 我们相信学生在一起生活和学习提供了最好的氛围和学习的孵化器. Therefore, 以马忤斯要求所有全日制(12学分以上)学生住在学生宿舍. Exceptions to this policy are:

  • Married students
  • Students living with parents, grandparents, or legal guardian.
  • Students 24 years old or older prior to the start of the semester
  • 在Emmaus宿舍进入第5年但未满24岁的学生可以申请住房政策豁免.

学院保留将学生从学院住房中移除或在学院住房内重新安置学生的权利,以应对不可预见的紧急情况或由于行为问题. Access to other college-owned facilities may also be restricted. 可能导致此类移除或限制的行为示例将具有破坏性, rude, or threatening behavior or destruction of community/College property, and other violations of the Emmaus Student Handbook. The parents of the student may be notified of the student’s status.

Only students who are enrolled may live in the residence halls. 此外,入学但不上课的学生可能会被要求离开宿舍.


The Robbie Pile Dining Hall

For breakfast, lunch and dinner  look no further than the Robbie Pile Dining Hall, our main dining facility. The heart of campus life, the dining hall is a great place for one on one meetings, or just time to hang out, relax and eat with your friends.

The dining hall features an all you can eat buffet; including entrees that vary daily, a fully stocked salad bar, as well as other healthy options.

In addition, the dining hall hosts special events and themed dinners throughout the year, making for fun times and adding a personal touch to the Emmaus Experience.

​The Eagle's Nest

The Eagles's Nest, located in the Pollard Fieldhouse, 提供了一个简单的菜单建立在新鲜的成分,并致力于一致和高效的服务. Stop buy for a fresh salad, 手榨汉堡或鸡肉三明治,一杯甜茶或手榨柠檬水! 对于那些想吃甜食的人来说,这里还有奶昔和软冰淇淋机.

鹰巢是在以马忤斯老鹰队比赛期间和朋友们一起出去玩的好地方, as well as a place simply to relax by watching TV or doing homework.

The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean is our coffee shop, located in the main building, right between the library and student center. Stop by before class to grab a cup of coffee, or come by in the afternoon or evening to hang out, study or meet with your friends for a group project. The Coffee Bean offers many different types of coffee, espresso and coffee/espresso beverages as well as smoothies, teas, hot chocolate, etc.

Support Services

At Emmaus, 我们的目标是为我们的学生提供他们所需的资源,以最大限度地利用他们的教育. 看看下面的页面,看看作为以马忤斯的学生,你可以利用哪些东西.

Library Services

Our extensive Emmaus library includes approximately 120,000本图书和装订期刊,以及一些电子文章数据库. 我们还在图书馆里收藏了大量的儿童文学作品,以支持基础教育项目.

图书馆里有一组供学生使用的计算机工作站. Emmaus图书馆是OCLC图书馆联盟的一部分,为学生提供超过35英镑的资源,000 other libraries. Our library is the perfect environment for doing research, reading or studying! Just use our online catalog or ask our librarians; they are eager to help you find the information you need. (The library director may even let you into the chocolate stash in his office!)

In addition to our own library, Emmaus students have access to learning resources at five area libraries. Students may check out materials from Loras College, University of Dubuque, Wartburg Seminary, Carnegie-Stout Public Library, and the Dubuque County Library.

Computer Workstation Access

We have two computer workstation locations available on campus. The computer classroom is located in Smith Hall and is equipped with PCs, all running Windows 10 and available for student use. Additional computers for student use are available in the library. Internet access is available campus wide.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

Students who need assistance in their studies are encouraged to seek out the Academic Success Center (ASC). ASC根据需要提供写作、数学、科学和其他主题的同伴辅导服务. All tutoring is free-of-charge.

Disability Services

以马忤斯圣经学院力求确保有资格的残障人士获得所有黄金城官网的平等机会, activities, facilities, and privileges. 合理的学术住宿将根据个人申请提供. Learn more about disability services at Emmaus.

Campus Safety & Security

Emmaus Bible College is committed to creating an attractive, 安全的校园环境有利于学习、精神和个人成长. During business hours, our front entrance is manned by a receptionist and the remainder of facility entrances are only accessible by keycard access; in addition to this, 男生和女生住在不同的宿舍楼层,只有学生输入自己的身份证号码才能进入宿舍. 每天晚上有两名宿舍助理值班,以备紧急情况, and a night watchman on patrol each night.

根据联邦Jeanne cleery披露校园安全政策和校园犯罪统计数据, 以马忤斯圣经学院为当前和未来的学生和员工发布年度安全报告. This report contains important safety information, and fire and crime statistics for the previous three years. 这些统计数据与发生在校园和公共财产内的报告犯罪有关, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. 这份报告的副本可以通过电子方式从学生生活办公室索取 本报告的打印副本可在校园安全和安保办公室和学生生活办公室获得.

在安全区域,请立即向学生生活主任报告所有违规行为(Israel Chavez:, or the Director of Facilities Management (Jeremy Mau:

Services provided:

  • Counseling Services
  • Crime Prevention / Fire Safety education
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Medical Services
  • Nightwatch Patrol every evening
  • Emergency Response Management

View our Annual Security Reports and Fire Safety Report

Incident Report

Share a Concern/Report an Incident

These reporting forms are for non-emergency reporting only. If any person may be in danger, call 911 immediately.

For urgent confidential support for sexual misconduct, gender-based violence, or other incidents, contact the 24-hour SAFEline at 336-278-3333.

通过以下链接提交的报告是私人的,由第九条协调员或学生生活办公室处理. 如果你想咨询有关报告学生相关问题的人, please contact the Student Life Office.

Based on the type of report, 我们可能会联系您以获取更多信息(如果您提供了姓名或联系信息)。. Though anonymous reports are permitted, doing so may limit the College's ability to investigate and/or respond.

Student Care Referral

To share a concern for another student's well-being (academic, social, financial, family, mental health, etc.), fill out this form.

Student Conduct Incident Report

分享可能违反《黄金城官网》的学生行为信息; fill out this form. 学生生活办公室负责对这些报告进行初步审查. For more information contact a member of the Student Life department.