Disability Services

Emmaus Bible College seeks to ensure that qualified individuals with disabilities receive equal access to all college services, activities, facilities, and privileges. Disabilities may include specific learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, visual impairments, deaf and hard of hearing, acquired brain injury, physical and functional disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and other disabilities specifically diagnosed by licensed professionals.

Reasonable academic accommodations will be made on an individual basis by application (available below). Accommodations may include services such as extended time for testing, reader for exams, semi-private room for exams, larger-sized course materials, permission to record lectures, audio books, tutors, and other appropriate strategies.

Students with documented disabilities that might affect their academic performance at Emmaus and require accommodations or other services should contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs at vpaa@richardmbennett.net or the manager of the Academic Success Center at eortiz@richardmbennett.net to discuss possible accommodations.

All documentation of disabilities is considered personal health information, and thus, falls under the privacy protection of HIPPA. Disabilities are not considered during the admission process at Emmaus, and no disability information will appear on transcripts or other documents (other than health records).