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业务 for the Glory of God



Do you have a strong desire to grow and become an effective leader in either a business or 部 setting? Our goal in the Emmaus business program is that you will leave equipped and ready to serve and lead in your church, 部, or place of business. You will study the fundamentals of business administration and interact with experienced faculty who have 回来grounds in business, 创业, 部, 和更多的!

The mission of the Emmaus 业务 department is to prepare students to be highly competent business professionals with a biblical worldview, equipped to work effectively in commercial or 部 settings.




I am grateful I was able to be educated about the business world through the lens of biblical teaching. It was evident that the business professors cared deeply for the success of Emmaus students in and out of the classroom. I was able to obtain a full time job at an insurance company in Dubuque even before I graduated, because my employer saw that Emmaus turned out thoughtful attentive students who would bring honesty and personal connection to the workplace. Emmaus instilled within me a strong sense of ethics and business management and provided me with an affordable, biblically sound education that I will look 回来 on fondly for the rest of my life.

斯凯勒Sandry, Emmaus 业务 Alum


Emmaus 圣经 College was such a blessing to me. Being able to incorporate Christ into my business is not something I would have known how to do without my education at Emmaus. At Emmaus, the professors invest a lot of time into your education as well as your spiritual life. I had numerous meetings with faculty members to discuss my current classes and my future goals. God is doing some wonderful things at Emmaus 圣经 College, and I am proud to be an alumni of this institution.

本·杰森, Emmaus 业务 Graduate


My time at Emmaus, studying in the business department, was both rewarding and impactful. Not only did I receive an education that was incredibly valuable, but I also received an immense amount of care and intentionality from my professors that I know is a byproduct of the values Emmaus holds. I’m so grateful for the biblical worldview that pervades each class and informs the way we approach business. This is extremely uncommon in most schools you can attend, which is why I am so thankful for the ways Emmaus has contributed to preparing me to be a light in the world of business.


The 业务 department at Emmaus can prepare you for a broad range of jobs within the business environment or to pursue a secondary degree in the specialization of your choice. Some of these fields include:

  • 会计
  • 银行
  • 企业管理
  • 部管理
  • 公共部门
  • 市场营销
  • 销售
  • 财务规划
  • 人力资源
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